When I first met my husband, he didn’t seem like the dress up type. He may have even told me at some point that he’s not super into it! But we have dressed up every Halloween since we’ve been together and he hasn’t even complained. I think it’s because I try to pick costumes that are a little more male-friendly and that I know he will be down for! This year I knew he would definitely approve, I would say he was even a bit excited, because I chose his favorite movie of all time, Space Jam! (Do you think he will be up for dressing as Barbie and Ken if I tell him they are Toy Story characters? ;)

I am a sucker for Halloween and dressing up, but unfortunately, as a young married couple without children, festivity options are sparse. We usually end up dressing up, to stay home. We like to order some pizza or make it homemade, cuddle on the couch, and watch our Halloween favorites (Hocus Pocus, Casper, HalloweenTown, or any scary movie). If you’re in our same boat or if you're looking for some quick and easy ideas to throw together for a good time tonight, I listed some other fun and festive Halloween activities just for two!

1. Make caramel corn. 

2. Carve or paint pumpkins. You can even make this a contest. If you're feeling extra competitive, post your masterpieces on social media to see which one gets more likes/votes.

3. Go for a late night walk in a cemetery. (or just through the neighborhood to see all of the costume fun) 

4. Make caramel apples.

5. Share ghost stories.

6. Challenge each other to a spooky-themed treat bakeoff. Then taste-test to see who the winner is.

7. Have a Halloween themed dinner. Add some candlelight for a more spooky experience.

8. Make a late-night grocery store run for snacks and a movie rental. Then stay up all night watching the cheesiest or scariest halloween movies you can find.

9. Enjoy a spooky read. Cozy up and read a spooky book next to a pumpkin scented candle.

10. Have a dance party just for two. The Halloween station on Pandora is the best. You’re sure to get all of the Halloween feels as the Monster Mash comes on. 

HALLOW or HOLLOW, no matter how you say it, I hope it's spooktacular!



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