There are some things that I don’t get a million questions about, that I share anyway. And then there are other things...

I get the question a lot, if my eyebrows are micro-bladed.

No, I use a $4 product that does wonders!

I love getting recommendations on good, affordable beauty products and exchanging secrets within the beauty world. When it comes to any type of product, I believe that you do get what you pay for, but I also believe that you can find really good quality in a more affordable expense. If there is one thing I have learned, it is to do what works for you! In all things: health, beauty, makeup, style. I’m all about finding that little diamond in the rough, that golden product that works wonders for me and for my budget. And for me, this product is one of those diamonds.

I use the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit

And I love it.

It’s quick and it’s easy.

Thanks to this stuff, I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time. I started filling in my brows before filling in your brows was a makeup regimen staple. Way back in the day, I used an eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil, before improved products came around, products actually made for eyebrows. In recent years, I have tried different brow pencils and pomades, and now I’m here, with the best I’ve ever used. When I tried out pomades, one thing that I loved about NYX Tame & Frame brow pomade is that it is smudge-proof/waterproof. I lovvvvve that because that also means that it is swim, exercise, nap, and cuddle proof. Because I’ll never forget how humiliated my friend was after a late night with her boyfriend (now husband) back in college, during which half of her eyebrow smudged off. ;) I rarely have the “smudging issue” with e.l.f. but it is definitely more prone as it is not smudge-proof or waterproof. I love that this has both the gel and the powder in one and you’ll see why, below. I love the color (I use shade medium) and it also comes in light, dark, and ash. You can keep the color lighter by using less product or building it to make a darker pigment. It's so quick and easy and I do not have to draw in any hair-like strokes, I just let my natural hairs create that look. The gel goes on smoothly and looks so natural without creating any harsh lines and the powder fills in and mattifies the look, creating a flawless finish. There is much to be said about the shape of your brows and how they determine the mood, expression, and look of your face. This article covers all of the basics, if you need a little brushing up on your eyebrow expertise.


2. I start by first using the gel (left side of palate) and the angled end of the brush and I outline my entire brow.


4. Then I use the powder (right side of palate) and fill in everything within the outline I created.


Viola! That easy!

You can also use NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel over the top, to keep your eyebrow hairs in place all day long.



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