Have you seen the jute/string feathers going around the internet? If not, look them up, they are so dang cute! A friend of mine made one for me which inspired this craft! So this project is a little spin off those. With green jute, I made these into "tropical leaves." This is such an easy craft for summer and could be used for so many fun projects; macrame wall hangings, baby mobile, summer birthday gift toppers, etc. I photographed the steps below, but this video tutorial is also very helpful and easy to follow.

(In the video, they are making feathers, but the steps are the same.)

See the project I used these on, HERE.


  • Green jute

  • Scissors

  • Optional: wooden beads

STEPS ONE: Cut multiple strands of jute, size depends on how big you want your leaves (i.e. longer strands for larger leaves, shorter stands for smaller leaves.)

STEP TWO: Cut one long piece of jute (longer for a larger leaf) and fold it in half like so... This will be your stem.

For reference: This strand was about 10 inches=5 inches once folded in half) and I was making a small ~1.5 inch leaf .

STEP THREE: Take a piece of jute from your pile of cut strands and place it horizontally, folded in half, under your stem. This will be piece one.

STEP FOUR: Take another piece of jute from your pile of cut strands and place it horizontally, folded in half, under your piece from step three. This will be piece two.

STEP FIVE: Take the tails from piece one and feed them under and through piece two.

STEP SIX: Grab the tails of piece one and piece two and pull them outward to tighten the knot around the stem.

STEP SEVEN: Continue these steps until you have the size of leaf you want.

STEP EIGHT: Trim the edges to form the shape of leaf that you want.

I cut small chunks out of the sides of some of mine to give them a slight gapping effect to look like a monstera leaf...

I added wooden beads to give the look a little something extra.You can also untwist the strands to messy it up and soften the edges (see large leaf).



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