If you’ve been hanging out over here at SW for sometime, you’ve probably realized by now that I’m a lover of DIY! Not only can DIY projects be super affordable, but I find them so much fun, too! I am so excited to share this fun holiday craft with you today. The holidays are in full swing and for me, little crafts like this really get me feeling that holiday spirit. I love this time of year! This project was inspired by the beautiful and brilliant Lindi over at lovecreatecelebrate. Her site is a dream and I completely recommend checking it out! I absolutely loved her two different mini holiday wreath projects that she shared, you can see them here and here. (Heart eyes for days!) Do we all agree that anything miniature is absolutely adorable? Yes, these wreaths too, are to die for! They are great for decorating your own home, using as tree ornaments, or giving away as gifts. You can also make them into cute magnets or gift toppers instead! They are so dang easy and quick to make! Now let’s begin! 

MATERIALS 3 inch metal hoops Ribbon, string, or Cord of choice

Craft magnets (optional) Wooden beads Faux greenery scraps Paint Wooden letters or craft wire for personalization Hot glue gun or floral wire

INSTRUCTIONS Gather your beads, wire, ribbon, twine, and etc. to create the look you want for your ornaments. Start by painting your hoops with your color of choice.

Next, arrange your foliage and other details until you achieve a placement you love, then hot glue or wire your layout to your hoop. I had a difficult time getting my foliage to hold with hot glue, so floral wire worked better for me.

Attach your cord for hanging and you're all set!

There are so many designs you can create, so have fun with it!



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