DIY RECIPE BOOK | under $15

I made my very first recipe book six or so years ago when I was new to the making/baking/creating world. I have never been an avid cook or baker. I like my recipes clean, easy, and concise. Nothing too fancy. I needed a place where I could keep my collection of favorite (quick meal) recipes. I am surprised and impressed at how well-used and well relied-on, my recipe book has become in my life! After (6 or so years) of practicing, collecting, and perfecting recipes, I decided it was time to revamp and reorganize my cook book! When I began looking at recipe books online, I realized I was very picky with how I wanted the design to be and I just could not find one that would make the cut. I wanted it 1. Sealed/water-proof to protect it from messes in the kitchen. 2. I did not want the layout to require one recipe per 8.5x11 inch page. Like I said, my recipes are pretty concise for the most part. A lot of them don't require a long list of ingredients or instructions. (You know those recipes that want you to separate the egg white from the yolk and whip separately, na na I just throw the whole egg in!) So most of my recipes do not need an entire page to themselves. Waste of space and makes for a thick book, difficult to quickly flip through! 3. I wanted both the ingredients and the instructions (the entire recipe) to be easily visible. I did not want to have to pull the card out of its sleeve each time, to see the back side, etc. 4. I wanted it somewhat stylish. I opted to make my own recipe book and I'm so glad I did, because I was able to customize it exactly how I wanted and I spent less than $10 on this craft!


1 inch binder Page protectors (with 5x7 sleeves) Paper trimmer Paper/printer Cardstock


  1. Decide what categories you want in your book (breakfast entrees, dinner entrees, desserts, etc.)

  2. Type up and print your categories on cardstock. You will tape these tabs to your page protectors. (I recommend laminating the tabs, or using tape as a laminating option.)

  3. Design and print a cover and binding strip (on cardstock)

  4. Design a recipe template sized to your page protectors. If you are using 8.5x11 paper and one recipe per page, your template should be sized to fit on an 8.5x11 sheet. My templates were sized out at 5x7, since that is what size my page protector sleeves are and I was able to print two on each page!

  5. Type up your recipes, print, and cut out (according to needed size).

  6. Add your recipes to their according categories.

I know you're probably wondering what the nasty looking bowl of brown goo is... it's zucchini bread batter. ;) mmm



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