EASIEST GROCERY SHOPPING EVER | with Walmart Grocery Pickup

Is grocery shopping enjoyable and therapeutic to you? Or does it bring you stress and anxiety? I kind of enjoy it as it allows us to get out of the house. But it can be inconvenient and time-consuming some days and also a challenge with a baby! What I really dislike, is when I am looking for a particular item that I don't normally buy and I spend an embarrassing amount of time going up and down the isles an embarrassing number of times trying to find that certain item! Ughh frustrating. I saw the big orange signs for Walmart's grocery pickup but honestly thought you had to be someone special to use the service. Then a friend of mine who had used Walmart grocery pickup, told me that is not the case and that all are welcome to these great benefits! After learning that it’s easy, free, and anyone could sign up, I had to try it! I’ve been sold ever since.


  1. Go to Walmart.com/grocery or download the Walmart Grocery app -which I prefer. And begin searching/adding groceries to you cart. You do have to add at least $30 worth of items to your cart.

  2. Once you've got your cart filled, "check out" and select a convenient pickup or delivery day/time. You can learn more about the delivery option, HERE.

  3. Once you have finished checking out, you will receive an email confirming that your order was received and later, an email/text when your order is ready.

  4. You can then check in using the app so they know you’re on your way to pickup your order.

  5. When you arrive, follow the orange signs and park in the "reserved" pickup area.

  6. Once parked, open the app and a page will direct you to enter which parking space you are in and the color of your vehicle.

  7. Then, a Walmart associate will be out shortly to load up your groceries for you!

It's so so easy and so convenient. This feature has been such a lifesaver! I can get all of my groceries without leaving my vehicle and it saves so much time! It has also been a safer option through COVID-19. I also love that I can add items to my cart on the app, over the course of days/weeks and use the cart as my grocery list. It saves the items for me and I can check out at anytime. You can also create a favorites section on the app, so you can quickly find and add your most popular picks. Let me add that it's not just limited to groceries! You can also add household items, beauty products, and other categories to your cart including heavy items, like dog food, etc.

NOTE: If an item that you ordered, ends up not being available for your pickup or delivery order, Walmart will substitute it for an equal or better item at no additional cost. Unless however, you do not want substitutions for certain items, you can choose which ones at check out. When you pickup your order, the personal shopper will go over any substitutions with you and if you aren’t satisfied, they will remove the item/s from your order, no problem. It's pretty neat.

NOTE: You can browse items based on dietary restrictions, like gluten-free and by brand!


If you have/create a Walmart account and you are a FIRST TIME grocery pickup customer, CLICK HERE to receive $10 off your purchase of $50 or more.



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