We have officially rolled into fall and as always, I'm excited about it! Though, I will miss summer and especially all of the time outdoors. We love outdoor walks, splash pads, pool time, chalk, water play, picnics, the park, the zoo, etc. Fall and winter will bring much more time indoors and that means getting creative with activities. I love this list of ideas because it honestly applies to babies who aren't quite mobile yet, to toddlers! Such a large age range even if you have to modify a few of the activities a little bit. Most of these are interactive fun not requiring any items, others are activities that can be easily done with supplies you have around the house. They are great screen-free activities and can help strengthen interactive and fine motor skills. Your little one will love the interaction as well as discovering, exploring, and being creative with the different items.

1. Water bucket and paintbrushes- this was such a summertime hit, that can be a fun bathtub activity as well.

2. Sealed tupperware with: rice, cereal, liquids, etc.

3. Ziplock baggie with water + glitter/beads/etc.

4. Ziplock baggie with paint

5. Basket with ribbons/pipe cleaners weaved (see here)

6. Getting creative with a metallic emergency blanket 7. Clothes pins (see here)

8. Magnets

9. Tape games (see here)

10. Blanket forts

11. Hide and seek

12. Emptying and refilling clothing drawers

13. Indoor kitty pool

14. Bath crayons 15. Stacking items

16. Painting

17. Shoulder rides

18. Jumper/Walker

19. Play catch/roll with balls

20. Roll/chase bottles- fill with beads, rice, colored water, etc.

21. Filled Easter eggs (pom poms, rice, treats, bells, beads, buttons, etc.)

22. Kitchen appliances (bowls, wooden spoons, measuring cups/spoons, etc)

23. Play dough

24. Putty

25. Flashlight fun (see here and here) 26. Read

27. Music

28. Coloring

29. Bubbles

30. Blanket rides (wood/tiled floor)

31. Tunnel/house out of cardboard box or other items.

32. Pudding play in the tub or edible paint (see here)

33. Playing and shape making with aluminum foil (wrap and unwrap toys) (see here)

34. Assisted climbing on stools, boxes, stairs, etc.

35. Flashcards in envelopes (see here)

36. Straws in a bottle (see here)

If you have any other suggestions or ideas, please add them to the comments and as a wonderful resource checkout THE HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME (and THIS particular post) for endless ideas!



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