Our 2017 Halloween costume was so fun and and so easy to throw together, not to mention, the entire couple’s costume was under $20! And so I wanted to share it with you guys! It is perfect for siblings, friends, or couples (even if I did dress as a male character). Holes is one of our favorite movies and so we dressed as Stanley (Caveman) and Zero! I had thee toughest time finding orange pants last season! All I wanted was a couple of pairs of orange sweats or scrub pants, or cheap orange jumpsuits, something!! But for some reason those items were impossible to find, especially because I was trying to find myself a good deal! I even bought some cheap white painter’s coveralls and tried to dye them orange. FAIL! Anyway, so I opted for some cheap fabric and poorly cut these bad boys up and stitched them together, making my own pants. With Halloween costumes, my thoughts are, “okay we are going to wear this one time, one time! The cheaper, the easier, the better.” So anyway, it worked out and I believe I made both of these pants for less than $11. But seriously, if you can find some cheap orange sweats, even better! And then we took some old white t shirts and a Sharpie and added our character names. My ball cap was $3 from Walmart and we ordered his bucket hat online for super cheap (like $5). With our water jugs secured with brown string and our shovel, it was no secret who we were! 

This costume was quite easy, comfy, so affordable and one of our very favorites! If you’re looking for a last minute costume idea, this could be it!

Happy costume season! 



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