I first went platinum in 2017. I took my hair from a level 5, to a level 10. (For those of you unfamiliar, level refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of a color. Generally, on a scale of 1 to 10, with level 1 being the darkest, blackest color and level 10 being a very light blonde color.) Oh, before we get too into this, let me just add that I am not a professional or licensed cosmetologist.

Basically every article warns not to bleach your own hair at home, and then there are people like me...

In this process of going blonde, I cannot say no damage was involved ;) but I can say that I didn't melt my hair off or have to chop my locks either! I did love the blonde, but there were some cons along with the pros and I'll list those below. But as much as I enjoyed it, when it comes to my hair color, I'm trying to be au naturel (even if that means having some over anxious silver strands making their early debut.)

Let's talk about the pros of going blonde at home: Right off the bat, since we are all thinking it, yes I saved myself a pretty penny. That is the biggest pro. I've also never been a huge fan of getting my hair done in a salon (for personal reasons) maybe it's the fact that I'm just too much of a DIY-er or that my mom (a former licensed cosmetologist) always did my hair growing up. So, to be able to achieve my ideal shade of blonde without needing to go to an unfamiliar salon, was another pro for me. 

And for the cons: I'll first mention that much dreaded root touch-up. This was the worst because I wasn't highlighting my roots, I was completely bleaching them as they grew out, which you think would be easier than highlighting, but not exactly. You have to be extremely careful not to overlap the new bleach product onto the already beached areas or there's a good chance your hair will burn and break off at that inch or two mark from your scalp! At the same time, you have to get all of the dark root covered with bleach, ensuring you do not leave a dark margin. So, just find that happy medium and you'll be good! Easier said than done. That happy medium was a challenge for me. It usually resulted in me having to bleach my roots twice each time, to get the desired lift I needed, which is probably normal, but it took so much time. I watched my fair share of YouTube videos (which helped) but it was still so difficult, especially with long hair. So, I tried to highlight my roots instead, hoping this would be an easier option. Have you ever foiled your own hair? Like your entire head? Then you know, this for me, was impossible. 

Yes. It is the way it sounds, being blonde is high maintenance. But if you are up for the challenge and it is worth it to you, go for it!

I mainly talked about the pros and cons of home bleaching, but if you want to know more of what the life of a blonde entails, these two articles HERE and HERE are super informative and give you all the “need to knows” before going blonde.

(Disclaimer: this home process honestly is risky. It can also be very damaging and difficult to go platinum blonde in one visit. It worked for me, but may not work for everyone.)

Here’s the process I used: 

-All products found at Sally Beauty Supply-

Est. cost: $70 (includes shampoo and plenty of left over product for future touch ups.) 


1. I started with 4 oz.  L’Oreal Quick Blue bleach and 8 oz. 30v developer, mixed together in a mixing bowl and applied to my entire head starting with the darkest areas (i.e. underneath, roots, etc. all areas that were not previously highlighted, sun bleached, etc.) 


2. I covered my head with a bag for 55-60 minutes watching for desired lightness. You want your hair to be a pale banana yellow color, no orange at all. 


3. Once this color is achieved, shampoo/condition. 


4. Next apply Wella T18/T11 (I mixed half of each shade together) with 3 oz. 20v Wella developer and left on for 30 min. 

**I mixed the two shades of toner to get a perfect blonde shade that reduced all the yellow tones but didn’t leave my hair too ashy. 


5. Rinse and condition.

NOTE: For root touch ups (which were about every 6 weeks) I cut these measurements in half. I didn’t need as much product as I was not bleaching my entire head. Except for the toner! I used the same amount of toner and toned my entire head, because at this point, the blonde would be about ready for a fresh tone. 

I washed my hair every 3-4 days and would shampoo with the Clairol Shimmer lights to maintain the cool blonde colors and diminish any brassiness. 

Anyway. I hope this answers all of your questions! If there is anything I missed, leave it in the comments below. 



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