Two things I love: Dressing up for Halloween + making our costumes from scratch! Whether that means pulling out the ol’ sewing machine, or just finding different ready-made products to throw together to create my vision, it’s all fun to me! I haven't purchased a premade costume since high school, when I dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, which was...many moons ago (haha). After that, word went around that I actually did cheer for the Cowboys, that's false, but it sure was entertaining when people would approach me about it. Jayson is always a positive and supportive sport, willing to dress up with me. Lucky for him, I’ve always given him a more masculine character. Last year's was maybe cutting it close with the bunny ears and tail, but he did not waver (haha). Now we have an addition to our family which makes for one more I get to dress up! Bonus! I usually know by Halloween of the previous year, what I want to dress as, so yes, I've had this costume planned since last year, even before knowing we would have a little Binx! (That being said, I have no idea what we are dressing as, next year.) For years, I’ve been wanting to dress as a witch for Halloween. Something about it just screams Halloween to me, go figure. This year, I got to make that happen while tying in our favorite 90’s Halloween classic film. Most Halloween seasons, we don't have much going on and we dress up, to sit at home. This season, between family, friend, and community festivities, we have been running “amuck amuck amuck amuck” just trying to keep up! If you're drawing a blank about how to celebrate this year, check out this list of last-minute activity ideas.

I’m going to clue you in on this under $40 family costume creation. You can read the details below, if you're interested.

Happy Halloweek! Love, the "Dennisons"


TOP: I first began with an oversized orange t-shirt and cut out the neck to create a scoop neck. I cut a small slit in the middle of the neckline and added black leather cord for the laced up design. I cut the sleeves off at an angle and cut about 10 inches off of the bottom of the shirt to create more of a crop top and adding the pointed design. Once the shirt was recontoured, I hand-painted the celestial sun and moon art with fabric paint. (Tee + Supplies $6) HAT: I bought a cheap witch hat from Walmart and painted the brim orange. (Hat + Supplies $4) SKIRT: I thrifted this black skirt and added the ribbon stripes and fringe (details below). (Skirt + Supplies $7)

SCARF: I bought a black 4x72 inch piece of felt and hot glued the orange and yellow yarn around the edges, making the fringe trim. (Material + Supplies $6)

TOTAL: $23 *The Dani costume itself, is $40 at Spirit Halloween.


1. Wrap the yarn around 4 fingers about 20-30 times (not too thick to cut through). (I used spools with a skein length of 120 yards. I ended up needing a second spool of orange to finish the skirt.)

2. Cut through the yarn along the top side of the top finger.

3. Cut through the yarn along the bottom side of the bottom finger.

4. I repeated this process about 13 times, until I had enough yarn for the entire border of the scarf.

*I used this same technique for the fringe of the skirt.


*Using orange yarn alone, I used the same technique above, for the fringe of the skirt. I glued this fringe to a strip of black ribbon, cut the fringe ends to an even length and sewed/glued it and the other ribbons around the circumference of the skirt


SHIRT: I thrifted the faded navy tee. (Tee $2) JACKET: I thrifted the tan work jacket. (Jacket $6) HAT: I thrifted the two-tone hat and hand-painted the upside down G with acrylic paint. (Hat + Supplies $2) SUNGLASSES: I debated on getting the glasses, but so glad I did. They completed the look! Snatched these up at the dollar store ($1)

TOTAL: $11


EARS: I cut 2 ears out of a small piece of black felt, folded them over a piece of black braided elastic and hot glued them closed. $2 TAIL: I used leftover felt scrap from the ears and cut out the tail and pinned it to the jumpsuit. *NOTE: We used waterproof black liquid eyeliner for baby Binx's nose and whiskers and it was completely baby proof! Not a smudge.



1. I cut 2 ears out of a small piece of black felt.

2. Folded them over a piece of black braided elastic and hot glued them closed.

3. Measure the head and cut elastic to desired size. Hot glue or sew ends together to create a headband.

The rest of our accessories (turtleneck, shoes, baby jumpsuit, etc.) we already had on hand!



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