With the holidays coming, that usually means days full of baking and evenings full of feasting. All things wonderful and messy. So I thought I'd share with you this stain-removal product! This gift was a hit at my baby shower and many people have asked me about it since. Thanks to a few cousins, I found out about this lifesaving + life-changing stain remover-- PURPLE POWER CREME HAND CLEANER. Why did I not know about this stuff years ago!? That's why I am sharing it with you! This trick is a life hack that everyone should know. You probably think I am exagerating. With an easily misconstrued reality thanks to the internet, we never know what is the real deal, nowadays. There have been plenty of times that I have Googled and YouTubed many products from household to beauty and when I try the product out myself, it does not work like it appeared it would (thank goodness for generous return policies). But truly, this stuff is more than worth the couple of bucks! This product removes stains you never dreamt it could, trust me on this! This gift was given to me for all varieties of baby stains, but I have also used it on: · Grease stains- of many kinds,

· Color bleeds- red color-bleed stains on unwanted items from mixing laundry, and

· Old stains- items I have owned, washed, and dried over again.

It is similar to a lotion texture and consistency. I just use my fingers and apply it to the stain. I like to let it sit on the stain overnight, though I'm not sure that is necessary, and then I throw the item in with the rest of the load and wash like normal.

It's purely magical.

This is my new hands-down holy grail laundry product. I'm always trying to search for the best and share the best, and this is by far the best stain removing product that I have ever used. Funny thing is, it's not even made for laundry or found in the laundry department, but it works like a charm. After raving, I should note that I am not representing or selling this item, I just love it that much and wanted to share with you all, because that's what this space is for!

Found at your local Walmart in the automotive section.



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