I've been wanting to write my thoughts about New Years resolutions, but each year goes by and I drop the ball, and I don't mean the ball in New York City (hahaha). I decided I would finally gather those thoughts and share them right around the start of the New Year, then some things changed (so I'm sharing those thoughts now).

I've been evaluating a lot in my life. I've finally slowed down enough to ponder a lot of things. Because of that pondering, it had me thinking of some New Years resolutions for myself for the coming year. I began making a list and thought, "I want to begin all of these things now." Really, why wait? So I am beginning my "New Years resolutions" now and decided that it makes sense to also share with you now, my thoughts on New Years Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are not about choosing to make a change and being perfect at it. It's not about living that goal perfectly the whole year through. Resolutions are not about trying to implement a change, stumbling by February and then giving up. I cannot count how many times I’ve made New Year goals and didn’t stick to them or failed continuously. Wait, I think it’s safe to say that has happened basically every time. I can only think of one goal that I made and stuck with it for the entire year at which point I praised myself and then lost focus, unfortunately. As for the goals that I struggled with, sadly, when I didn’t keep my perfect streak with them, I quit. By February, or March, or June, or whenever, if I got off track I thought, "well, better luck next year." And next year is when I tried again!

When the New Year sneaks up and I think about setting goals, I get intimidated. I think to myself, "what goal do I want to commit to for a year? What goal can I really stick to for an entire year?" I look at the big picture, I basically give myself an ultimatum and I get discouraged. It causes some hesitation to set goals that will truly challenge me. Which, I think is the purpose.

My point is, don’t be intimidated by the thought of making goals. “Oh I could never stick to that.“ “I don’t know if I could do it for an entire year.“ Setting goals is not about being perfect, but striving for it. It's about swaying a little bit, but getting back on track! It's about continually trying even when it's difficult and even when you mess up. Most of these goals are about lifestyle changes and aiming for them long-term, even after the year is over.

This year, I’m not only going to strive to reach, keep, and meet, my goals, but I’m going to strive to continue. Continue when I fall and continue even after the year comes to a close. Whatever your goals are, take them day by day, and keep trying when you’re not perfect. And begin them whenever you're ready or even when you're not ready! Either way, you don't have to wait until January 1st. Look at it as a little head start. :)

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