In the spirit of October and breast cancer awareness month, I'm sharing with you some pink hair hacks! Three of these are both blonde and brunette friendly! And hallelujah for some brunette friendly pink hair! If there is one thing I miss about having blonde hair (yes I was blonde, see here, in case you missed it!), it is the pink, or the silver, or the whatever the heck I wanted versatility of it! But not to worry, these products below have saved the day! Two out of four of these hacks wash out immediately. Two are semi-permanent. So, here go.

First is Label.m pink hair spray. This is literally that and it works for any color of hair, dark or light. So if you have dark hair and you do not want to bleach or pre-lighten, this is your product! (Though I do have an idea for you Label.m, let's talk so you can make all of my brunette hair dreams come true! ;)) This pink hair spray is a pretty rad idea! At first I thought, “what is the difference between this stuff and the Halloween hair color spray?” First off, the color. The color is a beautiful pink and the smell isn’t half bad either! That’s enough to sell it for me. It washes out in one wash, which I like. And you can control where you want it i.e. all over, just on ends, in ponytail, on selected pieces, etc. You’ll find this product in my hair, here. I have only found this product online, you can order it, here.

Second is my favorite and what I have in my hair in this post. Before I get into this, I could not find pretty pastel pink hair chalk! So I opted for my own thing. This is blonde and light brunette friendly. This is quilting chalk. Literally just chalk that has been ground up to a powder. I have only found this one online as well. It is super cheap, washes out with one wash, but is a little messy to apply. I just pour a little bit onto my finger tips and rub it onto my (dry) hair where I want it. I lovvve how subtle it is. Order it, here!

Next up is Punky color depositing shampoo. This works on blonde, light brown, and highlighted hair. This is a semi-permanent option. It smells like the most delicious bubblegum you never did have! It is a shampoo + conditioning + color depositing product that leaves your hair feeling super soft and quite pink. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of this product, because I didn't love just how pink it was, but you can sort of control the level of pink depending on how long you leave it on. I'm sure you can make it more subtle, but it is sure to leave you super duper pink depending on how long you leave it on and if you use a good amount and apply evenly all over. When I tried this, it took many washes to get out. So if you’re looking for something that will stick around a little longer, this is your next BFF.

Lastly, this trick is blonde friendly only (may work on highlights). I used this trick when I had very blonde, platinum hair. I mixed pink food coloring into my conditioner, (mix to your desired shade) apply to freshly shampooed wet hair, let sit for about 5 minutes and rinse. This is very similar to the Punky shampoo but a much lighter pigment, more affordable option, and an easy DIY. This made my blonde locks a pretty pastel pink, I got so many compliments!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!





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