This heatless curl method is a technique I’ve been using since I was a little girl. My mom used to wrap my head in old rags at night to achieve my desire of looking like Curly Sue.

I love this curl method because not only does it give me the tightest best of the best curls, but you don’t need to go out and purchase anything fancy, you can just use the old rags you have at home! No mousse, hair spray or any other hair products! AND NO HEAT! Because the rags are soft and this technique does not require any pins, clips, etc, this makes it more comfortable for sleeping on them at night. Here’s what I like to do: MATERIALS: •Old rags, scissors •Perm papers/gift tissue paper (used for easier rolling and keeping ends smooth and in place) •Brush, comb •Spray bottle (water) 1. Take your old rags and cut them into 1-1 ½ inch strips. You can cut them thicker or thinner depending on the size of curls you want. —The length of your strips also depends on the length of your hair. I kept my strips long because I have longer hair. If you are using these on shorter hair, you can cut them in half or shorten them to the desired size.

2. If using tissue paper in place of perm paper, cut the tissue paper into multiple 2x2 squares.

3. Wash and dry your hair (or you can leave it ever so slightly damp).

4. I like to begin with the undermost bottom layer of my hair and work toward the top. I use smaller sections of hair to be sure the curls are tighter and allow for thorough drying.

5. Take a section, comb, and lightly spray with water unless hair is already damp.

6. Take perm paper or tissue paper and fold across end, roll hair around rag from end to root and tie at base. Leave the rags in overnight, until dry, and remove. I like to separate mine with my fingers and then style as desired. I love that they are bouncy and fun!

This hair has me feeling a little bit 80’s movie star-ish, channeling my inner Frances Houseman (Dirty Dancing)



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